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Why "0151"? 

It's the keyboard shortcut to the em dash, my most beloved punctuation mark—try it sometime!
A little about me:
Lover of black cats, white space, and the Oxford comma. 
Winner of the "Quiet as a Mouse" award, sixth grade. Passionate about air hockey and taquerias.
Ready to help you wrangle your words.
Recent publications

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Recent writing

Feature-length article writer on lifestyles, education, STEM, and healthcare topics.

January 1, 2020

A feature on the research of Dr. Elisabetta Matsumoto into the science behind knitted materials

November 1, 2019

A feature on the Museum of Wonder, a roadside drive-thru museum of curiosities and outsider art

October 1, 2018

A feature on how Emory Nursing encourages nurses to conduct their own research and incorporate scientific evidence into their practice

September 1, 2018

A feature on how Georgia's engineering and design firms integrate research and development into their practices

For more writing samples, check out my Contently portfolio.

Recent editing projects

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Recent editing

Detail-oriented editor/proofreader of digital learning courses, educational guides, corporate communications, newsletters, and advertising campaigns.

Since May 2020

Palo Alto Networks

Edit cybersecurity digital learning courses in Appitierre and Evolve

Since May 2020

Bright Futures Atlanta

Edit marketing materials for nonprofit serving youth on Atlanta's Westside

Since Fall 2019

American Association of Post-Acute Care Nurses

Edit new and revised nursing curricula for specialized certification courses

Since October 2015

Big Nerd Ranch

Copy edit and proofread bestselling programming guides in iOS, Android, Swift, and Kotlin programming


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Contact me

I'm always open to new writing or editing opportunities! If you have a project you need help with, tell me about it!

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